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September 11, 2007



Who ever would have thought they would fall? That was so surreal. But I remember the first reports that 10, 20, 40,000 people might be lost...so it is kind of miraculous that so many made it out, even though it is still a terrible tragedy.


I remember being on the top of one of the towers, looking down, and seeing a small plane flying through thin clouds BELOW us. That was memorable.

Chris Cactus

We were there a couple of years before the attack. We never went up in them. I hate heights. I kind of wish we had now.


So gorgeous. One rarely sees photos of them at night. Thank you for posting this.


I watched the smoke billow from the hill behind my house, about 15 minutes after the first one came down. I couldn't see the second anymore because of the smoke. Now...there's nothing left to see. Occasionally, afterwards, we could see the lights they shone into the sky, but it has to be exceptionally clear to pick that up all the way in Jersey.

What is most memorable about that is the way all of us, car after car climbing the hill to my town, pulled over and stood outside their cars and just watched, with frightened, wild faces, wondering what in the hell was going on. We were together in the madness, and no one wanted to get in her car and be alone.


I remember everything about that day. But will our kids, or their kids, remember?

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