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September 27, 2007



Feathering. It was an art form. You do look a bit like Donna on That 70s Show.

Yeah for the paid job. Yeah for the really moneys.

Enjoy the weekend. Trips down memory lane (no matter how positive) always make me appreciate my present location. Hope it is the same for you.


So is that what you looked like just before that one brief year at UNT?

Have fun at the reunion. Hopefully you'll have more fun at it than I did my most-recent.


Good luck with the job!

Have fun at your reunion!

For some reason, my comments are short and sweet today!

And full of exclamation points!


Have fun!

I'm loving the fall masthead, btw! Very cool :D


Have fun at the reunion! Good luck with the writing gig! :) You'll be awesome at it!

Mrs. G.

A little bit Breck girl, a little bit Nancy from Eight is Enough.

Have a blast!

ann adams

Oh, have a wonderful time at the reunion!!

And good luck with the writing gig. Of course they should hire you. Nobody does it better.


You rock on!


Great picture! I see Tucker.


You are a brave woman. I won't even post RECENT pictures. I bow before you.


Hope you have a great time this weekend and only hear good news on the writing gig!


Hope you are having a good weekend, and I'm very interested to hear about the possibilities you are exploring!

Chris Cactus

I expect a full reunion report. Good luck!

Nap Queen

Oooo, I can't wait to hear all about it.

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