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September 23, 2007



This officially makes you the coolest person I know.

slouching mom

Cool! I think. For those of us hopelessly uncool, what does it DO? (Besides act as a phone and provide Internet access...)


Calendar, iTunes, GoogleMaps, internet, calculator, StockMarket, text, phone, camera, notepad, YouTube, movies...and I forget what else. Way cool.


That is so totally cool!

I'm glad you were able to fulfill her wish for you. :)

The last time I got a windfall like that, I thought and thought and finally bought a really comfy suede chaise chair for our bedroom. I'd never personally spent that much for a piece of furniture in my life. Everyone in the house knows it is MY chair and I sit in it when I need to "get away" for a while.


Oh... and I love the new design. :)


So so so cool!

There are few things I want right now more than a bigger car. Most people would be able to justify it, seeing as carting an infant and all his acoutrements around in a Dodge Neon is neither "cool" nor practical (nor does it leave room for groceries, much to the consternation of the poor sackers at my local store). But it runs well and is paid for and I just can't see myself spending the money (even though I would settle for a late model Tarus wagon just so I could stop whacking my head every time I put him in his seat).

Fold My Laundry Please

What I need are new clothes, but I'm not really a clothes person, so I continue to trudge through life wearing my current, threadbare warddrobe. It's only going to get spit up on anyway. What I want is a big screen, hi-definition televion. We sold our tv when we moved to Portland in March and have been sans tv ever since. Also, an iPhone. I drool over those things!


Well, I didn't know it until a minute ago, but now I want an iPhone.

Seriously though, I really want a good pair of earrings that I bought myself. Ones that don't make my ears hurt or turn green, and that I can put in my ears on Monday and by Friday they're still matching whatever I am wearing.


I have both a laptop (Mac) and desktop (Windows based PC) but would actually love another one of each.

I would also love a DSLR camera and some really cool lenses.


What an amazing woman. Wait...make that TWO amazing women! You did a wonderful thing with a wonderful gift.

Let's see: If I had a good-sized chunk of fun money right now, I would really love to go to a fabulously expensive restaurant and order the tasting menu and wash it all down with champagne. LOTS of champagne.


Last Friday I got my bonus. After taxes it came to $2707.25. I need to ear mark it for property taxes and I need to ear mark about $400 of it for a trip to Hawaii in Dec. And then I'm going to need some spending cash in Feb. for Mazatlan... and I need a plane ticket to Phoenix in November.... ARGUH!! But.... what I WANT! Nay... NEED, is a dresser that matches my bed. One whose handles are still attached. I have a hard time making up my mind when it comes to unexpected amounts of money.


I *want* one too. I need a new battery for my phone, and I have a first generation iPod that has a decaying battery, so the iPhone would let me replace both in one fell sweep, but I can't justify it...yet.


I love that she wanted you to buy something for YOURSELF that would make you think of her! She sounds like she was an amazing woman.


Freakin' cool. I hate you now. Grr!

Congratulations on doing something fun for yourself. You'll have to tell me how my site looks on it. :)


I'm glad you found something that you knew would be cool for you.

Now, for me...that would be so NOT it. But it's fun now to think what I WOULD buy.

Mrs. G.

"By the way...is there something that you'd like to have right now that you just can't justify? I mean...something that is more of a "want" than a "need"...though something that qualifies as both would be okay."

Does Johnny Depp count?

Cool phone!


More than a thing I want time. Pure unadultersted time to follow my own passion which has taken a back seat to everything in life for a long time now.

My secret know one knows... my own real actual photo studio. Right now I use a room in my house, but I dream of big barn sized studio surrounded by rolling hills of wildflowers, you know, for when I want to shoot landscapes.


What a fantastic woman she was, S! You must miss her very much.


Awesome! So jealous! Congratulations for getting yourself something you really want. That takes real dedication. Much easier to spend money on bills.

If I were in the same position I'd splurge on the new Nikon camera with wireless capability. Me wanty.


hmmm. a baby?

yeah. id like one of those. but not yet...


You've made me miss her again. Some more. And it's good to be reminded.

I thought I'd dealt with my iPhone lust, and now you're making me rethink the furniture decision. Dang you!


Oooh. Shiny. Want touch.


OK that is so cool. I'm still afraid that I won't be able to use it, but hey who cares I'll look cool.


Ummm. World peace. Ohhh, and a big flat screen HDTV. But first, world peace.

And the way my money flies out the window, that's probably going to be the order. (sigh)

I love nice stories like this - about breathtaking generosity that comes out of the blue. That it always seems to happen to other people - you, my daughter ... bothers me not one little bit.


A new car and a lovely vacation. We might get there sometime soon, but not yet.

I am so glad you were able to splurge on yourself! What a wonderful Grandma to make sure no one spent it on boring bills!

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