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September 04, 2007



i probably would have said, yo, princesses, get your tan asses out of the handicap space.

and hey, this line: You see, even though I view self-involvement as a handicap, I know they're not making parking stickers for it yet.

was absolute perfection.


Exactly what you would have done, though I might have taken it upon myself to tell them about what twits they are. Having a friend who has a disability and needs the "blue man" spots nothing infuriates me more.


I would have waltzed over to them and said, "So what's your handicap? Oops, I forgot: you're Tri-Delt!"

It's a shame you didn't call the police right away. Then you could have enjoyed watching them get their ticket. (I can't stand selfish cretins like that.)


I would have at least prayed to be in attendance when they receive their karmic smackdowns...

Nap Queen

I probably wouldn't have had your guts, but I HAVE called the cops on other people for other things (ahem, noisy neighbors). So, good for you! There's nothing worse than a misplaced sense of entitlement. Makes my blood boil.


I almost hate to say it but I think I would have called after having to wait in line 5 minutes. I get bored and antsy and since it is justifiable, I'd a done it. That would have taught them I would hope!


I think you did exactly the right thing. I have never actually witnessed someone doing that but I have seen cars in those spaces with no tags and wondered what was the ethical thing to do. Now I know!!


I agree that you did the right thing, and that I wouldn't have had the guts to do it. I would have just silently seethed behind them in line. If the sorority girls here in public-universityland are obnoxious I can only imagine what they're like by your place!


Confront. Always confront. You're so in the right, they're so in the wrong, so the unpleasantness is always on them.

I always start obliquely, with a helpful, "Excuse me, you forgot to display your handicap sticker!" It's only when they don't take the hint that I graduate to nasty.

I will not hesitate to pull out my cell phone and say "I'm not sure what the fine is, exactly, but I'm sure you'll be able to afford it."

I'm as serious as a heart attack about these spaces. I have friends - several friends - who have had to push through snow and ice and slush because these overly entitled jack-asses can't wait for a regular spot. Well, not on my watch.

So I think you did some things correctly, and I understand not everybody is the asshole I am. But yeah, I would have been up in their faces right away.

And enjoying it.


Oh, by the way, because some people might be nervous about this: I have, on two occasions, confronted someone who actually DID have a valid Handicapped Parking pass. Not everybody who is entitled to a pass actually looks like they have a disability or travels in a chair.

In both instances, the initial confrontation was met with surprise, then with approval. It was like "What? Me? But I have a sticker! But hey ... thank you for checking up on me. I hate it when people park in these spots without a pass, too."

The people with the passes know we're all in this together.

Fold My Laundry Please

My mother has disabled plates on her car and if she pulls into a lot and the handicapped spots are taken up with perfectly abled parkers, she really hams it up when she gets inside, especially if it is a smaller establishment and she is sure to be seen by all. If there's one thing my mother knows, it's how to inspire guilt! Perhaps you should carry a cane in your car to inspire a little guilt of your own. Self- obsessed sorority girls may not feel guilt though. Hmmm. Then I suppose it would be okay to beat them with it, but just a little bit!


while it saddens me, i would have called the "cop shop" (a term my mother uses often and thus have I) as soon as the twerps left their car.


I'm with CircusKelli - I probably wouldn't have had the guts to say anything, but I certainly would have given them a dirty look.


I'm glad you did that. I'm not sure I would have thought to do so, even though I know personally - from escorting my grandmother - how necessary those spots are.


I would have called the cops. My husband says the one ticket he will give 100% of the time is the person who parks in the handicapped spot.

They can't fight it, unless they aren't displaying their tags/sign and he always yells at them for being selfish. Well, not yells, but you get the picture.


I would have said something like, "I was just trying to decide what your handicap is, but then, I heard you talking, and realized it is a mental one".


Hey! I think Maggie just called me gutless! ;)

L.A. Daddy

Once, I did stare a guy who got out of his car parked in a handicapped space. He stared back, yelled, "What!?" and I told him, "Nothing. I was just looking for a limp or something."

He flipped me off, but that was about it. I knew karma would eventually come back to bite him. Some how. Some way.

L.A. Daddy

Once, I did stare a guy who got out of his car parked in a handicapped space. He stared back, yelled, "What!?" and I told him, "Nothing. I was just looking for a limp or something."

He flipped me off, but that was about it. I knew karma would eventually come back to bite him. Some how. Some way.

slouching mom

I think you did the right thing. I wonder if I would have had the wherewithal to do the same.


Being the mom of a child with multiple handicaps, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The only thing I'd have done differently would've been to call as soon as I saw them parking there.

Very few things in life are more frustrating tome than having a valid handicapped tag and not being able to use the extra space to get my daughter safely in and out of her wheelchair because some dolt has parked in the only available blue man space.

I haven't been back to Hulen Mall since Christmas '05, when we couldn't park in one of her spaces in a thunderstorm, because every. single. one. was filled with a car with NO tag. (Slight exaggeration, that, but not by much ~ I only counted three valid tags out of the multitude of spaces around the entire mall!) I spoke to a mall security guy who blew me off. That was the last straw. We don't live down there, but my parents do, and I was so irritated with the mall security that I called the FWPD, then left. We'll do our shopping in Hurst from now on, thank yew so very much ~ not that it's all that much better up here, but at least mall security is responsive up here.

BTW, my car has permanent handicapped plates, but the only time I use them is when my daughter is actually in the car with me, or if I'm picking her up from school and she will be with me. :) I have countless stories of confrontations I've had with idiotic people who use the spaces "just for a minute" ~ but I'll spare you those. ;) I no longer confront people after having one such lovely human (snort) follow me and my daughter into the store, ranting at us in extremely colorful language. I called the cops then, too, but they never showed up. Fortunately, the store kicked him out and graciously followed us to the car to see us safely out of their parking lot. Very scary, so not something I recommend unless you have a large husband-type along for the ride.

Oh, The Joys

I would have confronted them.

(And they would have laughed at me and my face would have become red and hot... but I have a big, fat mouth and can't help myself in these situations.)


My sis, who was in a wheelchair, was with Betty up there - she would say "Oh, it's a MENTAL handicap."

(She also used to say, "I don't know why they call it handicapped. It sure isn't handy to ME!")


I wouldn't even have thought to call the police.


I so would have called the cops--in a heartbeat. I've done it on parents driving with babies in their laps or toddlers standing in the backseat.

And this piece of writing is so brilliant, it should be a letter to the editor, of the university paper and the local paper.

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