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September 16, 2007



I haven't been to a single high school reunion, and I don't think you could pay me to do so. But, I've been to all of my college reunions...5-10-15-20-25.


The ten year mark came and went without a reunion for my high school grad class, but there's talk of trying something at the fifteen year mark. I'm sure I'll go; my grad class was so small that I'm still in touch with a lot of my favourite people anyway.

As for advice to my younger self -- I wish I could give her a little bit of perspective. People are too worried about their own 'flaws' to notice your supposed blemishes. Smile more. Take more photos. Use eye make-up remover everyday. Oh, and as impossible as it seems in high school, someday you *will* be friends with your mother and sisters. In the meantime, hide your journal.


I haven't gone to my high school reunion, and have only ONE friend from high school that I am still in contact with. My five year reunion was held the day I got married. My 10 year reunion seemed silly, and my 20 year reunion...? Well, I felt I could spend the money better if I didn't attend.

If I could go back and bring one piece of wisdom with me, it would be this: "Kel, you'll see these people again in 20 years. No matter how insignificant and "lower class" you feel amongst them now, you'll be equal with them later. Chill out."

slouching mom

Goodness, that's a lot of loss. Of course, we are not young anymore. I have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself of that. My twentieth HS reunion was two years ago.

I didn't go. The people I really care about I met in college.


I go every 5 years. Our 30th is coming up in 2008. And I go because I enjoy them.

As for the bit of wisdom, and it's already been said here (one way or another): Most of the things that happen in HS -- the good and the bad -- don't matter later in life. The cool kids aren't always cool adults. The jerks don't always stay jerks.


I would rather be hit with a large hammer.


I went to my 10 and missed my 20. Then went to my 30th. 10 I wanted revenge, not that I wanted them to see where I was in life, I just wanted revenge against someone, who didn't show up. So, revenge isn't sweet. 30 was just for fun and finding old friends. I moved away in the middle of my senior year, so going back was important for me. I wasn't expecting anything this time and had a great time and closed some doors. It saddened me that friends that lived in the area didn't show up. One excuse... too much weight...that was sad, because we've all put on a pound or two... except for TINA!! She looked just the same.

My one bit of wisdom. Don't worry what others think of you and do what makes YOU the happiest.


My twenty year high school reunion took place less than two miles from my home. I didn't attend. In fact, I left town for the weekend so there wouldn't be any chance of running into anyone.


I went to my 30th, and I had a blast. Sure, I was chunky, but so was everybody else - with a few notable exceptions. The friends I knew back then were still friends, the people who made parts of my life miserable in high school all either looked like crap or had come to bad ends, and all in all, it was everything I hoped it could be. I put on two benefit performances for the scholarship fund which were sold to the rafters, and which I did with my daughter playing piano. (In the program notes, I said "This show is dedicated to all those teachers who snotted at me: 'If you think you're gonna go out into the world and someone is going to pay you to be a smart-ass, you're sadly mistaken.' I think we've all learned something here.")

So .. uh .. while I know my experience won't be typical, it was pretty much a home run of a weekend for me.

As far as something I'd go back and whisper into my own ear: "Psst! Nils. Buy Microsoft. Early."

Oh, and by the way (and I've said this before): You are definitely on the "good living advertisement for early middle age" list. There will be a lot of boys at your reunion going "Seriously? That's Stacy? Man, if I could go back 30 years ..."


I will go if they have one and it will definitely be for the self satisfaction that comes with age and perspective (and a sexy husband, an adorable baby, and a PhD don't hurt). But you know, whatever, I'm totally over high school.


OH! And I almost lost my legs below the knee in the butcher department at the grocery store to an old biddy on an electric cart. I thought of you.


My class was totally apathic and didn't have a reunion, but I had a lot of friends in the class behind me, so I went to that one. It was mostly boring, I'm sorry to say.

One bit of wisdom? Erm...take a year off...wait, I did that. Travel more.


I didn't go to my ten year, but I am definitely going to the twenty, which will (gasp) be in two years.

My words of wisdom would be that people don't think about you half as much as you think they do. Did that make sense?

Oh, The Joys

Oooh! I am also a viking.

I would take back how much I drank. I was a lush-o-la, party freaky, freaky girl. I wish I hadn't been that.


I am currently deciding whether or not to attend my (gulp) 25th high school reunion. I emailed a good friend to see if she was going and she responded that she thought she was too fat to go. I said I am too, but have just decided that I wasn't going to let that hold me back any more. I'm still on the fence abuot going because I'm not sure my old crowd are the reunion types. I still speak to the best people anyway.

I wish I could make my young self believe in me. I relied (and still do) to much on other's people approval. I should have been truer to myself.


I went to all of them up through the 20th and had a good time, but now I'm done. The law of diminishing returns rules.

I was the class Brain, which is a lot less pressure than being the class beauty. Easy to stay smart and get smarter; can't say the same thing about being beautiful.


I went to my fifteenth, with my husband, and found it was too soon. The cliques that had shunned me then were still in full force. Apparently, unlike me, these people had stayed in contact and were still an active exclusive group. It was pretty miserable.

A few years back, I went to my twenty-fifth with my best friend from high school, who I had magically gotten in touch with through Classmates. And even though we didn't have that many people we knew there, we still had a great time.

The one thing I would have done differently, is make a play for Ricky Caserta, who made fun of me in high school, despite the rumors that he actually wanted to ask me out. He dumped his wife at the reunion and made a beeline straight at me, gave me a big hug and a kiss. Like we HAD gone out. I admit to having sexy dreams about him for a few weeks afterwards, while listening to my husband snore.


I've never been to a high school reunion; I've never had the desire to do so and I honestly don't know if I would. If I did, though, it would be pure curiosity that fueled me.


I have been to one so far -- the ten year reunion. I went expecting enjoyment, and came away disappointed. Except for my "sister", I've grown up -- and hence, away -- from everyone I was close to, and our reunion conversations were relegated to phrases like, "Oh man, that was so cool when we did (blank)" or "Remember when you did (blank)". Sadly, I didn't, because years of stronger memories from college and beyond replaced those. I don't know I'll go back again.

As for wisdom, I regret very little in life except for not brushing my teeth more when I was a kid. So, nope -- I didn't need today's wisdom then; I did things right, luckily enough.


I have been to several reunions, and they get easier with time. The last one I went to was my 40th (yes, I'm old) and it was the best because nobody remembered anybody and we all looked pretty much alike. I'm looking forward to the next one.


My 30th high school reunion was this July. I didn't go to it, nor any of the others. I'm just not interested. Once I graduated, I never went back or looked back. I haven't really kept in touch with anyone either. It's not that I had a bad experience in high school. I just am a "move on" kind of person. College, same deal.


Hi, picked you up from Wherever Ewe Goes...very poignant post. My husband's 20-year reunion is next month. He's very much looking forward do it because he genuinely likes the people he attended h.s. with. I went to my 10-year, but skipped the 15. I went because I was curious more than anything. Turns out everyone in my huge class of 30 (yes, 30) is equally successful and content. Or at least that's what they said. Do we really even know the truth when we see each other at reunions? Or do we just see what they want us to see? The one bit of wisdom I wish I had then is that it's okay to be different. I had such a hard time trying to fit in. It caused a lot of unnecessary heartache for me. I'd give myself a break if I were to do it over again, which I would NOT do. Thanks for the great post!

Chris Cactus

Godspeed. I have an apathetic class. 35 people showed for our 10 (myself not included) so we might not even have a 20 year!


Wow, that is a lot of loss!

I went to both of my reunions thus far, and plan on attending the 15 year next summer. Mostly out of goodwill for old friends. I wish I were closer with some of the girls I knew then...

And if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have had so many stupid long-term boyfriends. Ugh.

Loving Annie

Good Tuesday evening to you, Wordgirl !

I don't go because I was a glasses wearing, acne scarred, skinny, socially awkward, insecure geek; and am still intimidated by the clicques of old - even though now I look lovely and have a zillion more degrees of self-confidence.

If I could have possesed one bit of wisdom back then it would be knowing I am my own compass and not caring so much about how others viewed me :)

Actually, no, it would be that just because my father called me horrible names did not make anything he said fact or true...

Can I have both ???

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