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September 19, 2007



Advice to my younger self:

1) Your brain is amazing but it's your heart that will change the world. Your value doesn't rest in that perfect GPA.

2) The ability to make people laugh is a gift. Don't hush yourself in an attempt to look "serious and important."

3) Dare to choose your own path--run toward what you want, not away from what you fear.


This is a great list. I have some more:

1) Appreciate your body NOW, rather than waiting 20 years to wistfully think back on how you looked. It will save you a lot of angst.

2) Don't choose a course in life based upon what you're good at. Choose one based upon what you love. (And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!)

3) Some of the best friends of your life are people you will meet in college. Treasure them and nurture those friendships.

4) College is a GREAT time to start fresh. If you want to remake yourself, do it!


That's very sweet. And true.

Oh, The Joys

All sound thoughts. Wish I knew some of it long ago too!

Antique Mommmy

The only edit I have to your list is #4 - take more "smart" chances. Don't take stupid chances.

What I would like all high school kids to know is this: There are three tihngs that wil mess up your life - 1) taking drugs, 2) starting a family before you are ready and 3) getting into credit card debt. Don't do these things kiddos -- they will make life hard.


I may even have to print a copy and give that to both my teenagers. Except that they're too young to understand it.


Oh if only you could go through high school with that confident assurance.


i wish i'd known these things too...though i have absolutely no idea what i'd have spent the past eighteen years doing with myself i had.

Julie Pippert

Excellent. Oh to know that then. :)

Using My Words


Awesome. And let's not forget:

Not everyone is going to like you. And there are many people out there who you really don't want to like you anyway.


Great list. Here's another. As much as you think you are being sneaky and getting away with something, your parents know about it already.


#10 is SO TRUE! My favorites are #8 and #11. These are the things you can't possibly know while you're in it. It doesn't matter how many times you're told by people much older and wiser than you. But it's true. Every word of it.


I kinda think that it's the learning of these things that gives them their value somehow. Like if you knew them already, they might not help as much.

That having been said, yes, it would have been helpful to know these, and the ones mentioned in your comments as well.


"sucks the big pudding"

I LOVE that phrase!

L.A. Daddy

Excellent post.

For me, I would add...

12) Don't drink that 5th Rum & Coke. Trust me. You'll never have another again the rest of your life if you--

Oh, damn. You did it anyway...

L.A. Daddy

Excellent post.

For me, I would add...

12) Don't drink that 5th Rum & Coke. Trust me. You'll never have another again the rest of your life if you--

Oh, damn. You did it anyway...


I think here in LA, people are still kinda stuck in high school, for whatever reason.

It's a bit depressing, actually.


Ah, youth. If I only knew then, what I know now. But that could apply to my 20s as well. We live. We learn. Great post.


Wow. So, true. Love the list. Want to frame and give to every teenager I see.

I remember thinking the whole world was against me in high school, first because I was the ony junior in high school without boobs and then in my senior year (still boobless,well maybe by then there were some knobby things going on) my boyfriend broke up with me and it was the end of the world! I remember feeling like I couldn't go on living. Dumped me right before the senior prom and took "Cindy the Cheerleader!" Slut! I remember, even though I now guess I was this dorkey majorette, band kid, I thought I was really cool! It wasn't until 20years later that a songleader friend told me that all her friends gave her a bad time because she hung out with a band geek. I was totally stunned. Band kids weren't cool in High School? I never had a clue.

The best thing about going to my high school reunion (20-yr) was I was voted most changed! No, still hardly any boobs, but grew from 4'10" to 5'7" And my Quaterback boyfriend? Short, fat and bald! I almost started laughing hysterical.

Still amazed though. Band kids aren't cool?


At my school? Band kids were WAY cool.


I think about this a lot since I teach high school girls. Especially since my high school years were not much fun at all. I like to tell my students two things:

1. Reach for your dream. Never let go of that. Amazing things can and will happen if you follow your heart.

2. Your reputation is not something you create five days out of the year when you put on your Sunday Best because you are being evaluated by someone else or having an interview. Your reputation is something you create every minute of every day with all the little things you do. On that one, I can tell you: DO sweat the small stuff. It will pay off in huge dividends throughout your life.


The end of high school doesn't mean the end of the "good old days".

The people you though were cool in high school probably weren't.

Your teachers were EVEN worse than you though. Okay, mine were at least.


Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff.

I had only two rules for my girls:

1. Do nothing life threatening.
2. Do nothing life altering.

Other than that, fill yer boots.

It worked.

Mrs. G.

O.K., let me get this straight. No one cares that I was a cheerleader and my husband is gay? I think I'm going to need a second cup of coffee.

Funny post. Thanks for some levity this am.

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