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August 07, 2007


slouching mom

No. We had to eat the school lunch. Packing lunch was not an option at my elementary school.

As for my favorite? Nothing comes to mind! I'll tell you my least favorite: chicken a la king.



Bologna, American cheese, mayo, white bread, oreos, in my Miss Piggy lunchbox and two milks (one quarter each) bought at school. I cried when I dropped my lunchbox in 2nd grade and the hinge broke.

Circus Kelli

I carried a lunch for years and years -- peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I don't remember much else about lunch other than I bought a small container of milk for 15 cents.

My favorite lunch at school, though was pizza which was served every Friday. I loves me some pizza (to this day).

Antique Mommy

Loved the trip down memory lane. No lunchbox for me. We were poor. We had those little brown sacks. I went to a verrrry small Catholic school and we didn't have a cafeteria. We ate outside if it was nice and at our desks if it wasn't - which was most of the time -- since it was in Illinois. I WILL buy my son the lunchbox of his choosing to salve my inner under priviledged poor child.


This retro post is why I need to go back and read your archives. For such a pretty lady, you have a great talent for writing.

I carried a Strawberry Shortcake lunch box and my brother had a Dukes of Hazard. PB&J or Bologna and Cheese with mustard were my favorites. I knew it was going to be a great day when my mom put chicken noodle or tomato soup in my thermos.

Her Bad Mother

I had a Bionic Woman lunchbox. I would give my right arm to have it back. (But only, you know, if they could rebuild it.)(nyuck nyuck)


Darn. My comment just disappeared into a black hole when I went to type in the verification code. Crazy laptop keyboards.

Anyway... as I was trying to say (LOL), I used to take my lunch in brown paper bags. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, and I lived for the days when my mother would actually bother to make egg salad or tuna fish. Eventually, I got a lunch box, but it was metal, and the thermos made a terrible racket inside. Broken thermos glass? Ah, yes, I remember it well. And the smell of lunch boxes brings back so many memories… of tiny little milk cartons, and trading off sandwiches…

Fold My Laundry Please

I had a blue plastic Smurf lunch box that I cracked the front of on a boy I liked's head. Ah, second grade romance! For me, it was either PB&J or bologna with ketchup on white. Snacks varied, but my favorite were the butterscotch pudding cups that came in those metal cans with the nearly impossible to remove pull tab tops. And my mom always had me buy milk in the cafeteria. In junior high, I became too cool to bring my own lunch to school. No more PB&J for me! Rectangular pizza and tater tots were the way to go!


We had to walk home for lunch. So no lunch box. I don't remember what mom fixed, except for the piece of homemade canned fruit. Either 1/2 a peach or 1/2 a pear. Once or twice a year, we'd (my twin brother was always with me) get to eat at the drug store. We felt so grown up getting to order our lunch. But we'd have to hurry and almost run back to school. Our school was probably 1/2 a mile from the house, but no matter the weather... we walked.

But....I would of killed for the Monkee's lunch box.


And here I was, thinking I was missing out on something by not having a cafeteria at school.

My lunch was usually bologna or PB&J, on WHEAT bread, the only one in my class whose mom was in the vanguard of the health movement at the time.

No Twinkies or Ding Dongs for me, just fruit. And perhaps some chips, but not usually.

Suffice it to say, no one ever wanted to trade lunches with me.


I know I had several lunchboxes, but the only one I remember was my Land Of The Lost lunchbox because that was my favorite show when I was little. Once I went into Middle School, I started buying my lunch at school.

Kathy Gillen/ lessons from the laundry

I had the Frito Bandito eraser too! I used brown paper bags after the second grade because my older siblings teased me about my lunchbox. But sadly I can remember my neighbor's firehouse shaped lunchbox, my brother's Evil Kenivel lunchbox, but my memory, which is usually ultra precise, fails me on my lunch box. I do remember the lunch room with great detail. Thanks for bringing the scene back.


I remember this post. I think I told you about my orange plastic fantastic Garfield lunchbox.

I LOVED Garfield.


I took my lunch in a paper bag. My question, now, is since we didn't have refrigerators to store our lunches in, how come we all didn't get sick and die, carrying tuna and egg salad, and letting it sit out all morning either in our desks or a locker? Hmmm?


I always just went through the line at lunch. If I did take my lunch it was just in a little brown paper bag. We were poor. LOL


I can never - ever - recall taking a lunch to school. How sad is that?

I've always envied my friends and their lunch-box memories. For me, lunch was always eaten at home, surrounded by my six (then five, then four, then three, then two) siblings. Peanut butter on whole wheat (never white: Grandpa was a baker and would never allow the family to eat white bread). Once slice of cheddar (or, on those rare, exciting days, Velveeta!), tomato or vegetable soup, and apple sauce.

Finally, in high school, I demanded to eat at school rather than come home (which was an option, given how close we lived). I ate that the cafe across from the school. A package of salt n vinegar chips and a coke. Yummm. How grown-up!

Paul Robinson

OK, in my school, it was ALL about the lunchbox. You came in strict categories.
1. Posh kids. These had nifty branded lunch boxes with a matching flask. I pleaded for a year and finally got a Yoda one. I wasnt posh but my dad had money...
2. Ones whose mothers wnated to be seen to be posh. Tupperware. Usually with an orange lid!
3. Poor kids. They had lunch boxes that were cleaned out ice cream tubs.


I came home for lunch every day in elementary school. Only the poor kids who lived across the highway had to eat lunch at school. Until jr. high, when everyone ate at school, and I hated it. But I found instant mashed potatoes and brown gravy to be absolutely wonderful. And, apparently, kids still do. They are the top seller at our local high school. Mashed potato day is Glory Day. Go figure.

Kevin Charnas

I had a yellow Charlie Brown lunchbox. And I loved it. What I really would've loved, is if I could've smacked Mrs. Gutherie (my first grade teacher) in the head with it. I hated that bitch.

As a matter of fact, the first day of first grade, when I laid eyes on her and realized she was going to be my teacher, I promptly shit my pants and burst into tears, which started the whole line of kids crying.

She was that evil that she literally scared the shit out of me.


We took our lunch to school in brown paper bags, don't really remember what was in the lunches though. In the early years we all had to drink milk on our morning break.It was delivered to the school and left out in the sun so it would be lukewarm by the time we got to drink it - horrible!


We took our lunch to school in brown paper bags, don't really remember what was in the lunches though. In the early years we all had to drink milk on our morning break.It was delivered to the school and left out in the sun so it would be lukewarm by the time we got to drink it - horrible!

ann adams

Until junior high, I went home for lunch each day.

Then I carried a luncn even though I begged for the cafeteria lunch. We brown bag kids were considered the have-nots.

I vaguely remember swapping out with someone because hers looked better to me and mine looked better to her. Now I can't remember but I'm sure either peanut butter or bologna were involved somehow.


this post brought back memories....(and not one from your earlier post..I didn't read back then - sorry!) I had an EVIL KNIEVEL lunch box. ha ha. I always was a sort of tomboy, even carrying it through to my lunchbox choices. And aaaggggghh - how I remember that "cafeteria smell".

mrs t

I had a really cool Partridge Family lunchbox that someone gave to me before I was old enough to carry my lunch to school. It was wasted on me because what I really wanted was a Walton's lunchbox, which I got and then regretted because people on the other side of the table would always count the people pictured on it and it embarrassed me.
Favorite school lunch? I always liked the turkey and mashed potates with gravy. Yummy folded-over pizza, too.
Least favorite? canned peas-gag and some funky taco casserole.

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