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August 29, 2007


slouching mom

Oh, Good God. I used to love Oprah. But these days she's made the jump from believing herself to be bright, and talented (rightly so, needless to say), to believing herself to be royalty.

One can receive too much adulation.


I couldn't agree with you more.

I thought I was the only one staring at the screen in gape mouthed horror when she crashed that wedding last summer. I hadn't heard about this one, but coming from someone who could afford to have an entire resort constructed just for the occaision and still have enough bank leftover to keep my family in groceries for the rest of time it's elitist and crass.

A very average friend of mine was given the suite of another famous TV personality affiliated with Oprah while on vacation because the other personality was so rude to the staff at the desk.

What is it about having a lot of money that makes you behave like a total ass when things don't go your way?


Zing! Good one.


I would of been gracious... said.. thanks for stopping by.. but, could you please go now. As in NOW! And if you don't... I'll create a stink the likes of you've never seen before. My dear Oprah... I don't crash your parties, heck, I don't even get invited to your parties... or was the invitation lost in the mail? That must of been it. Anyways, Thanks again for stopping by, but please... don't let the door hit you on your way out. OH, and have a Great Day.


It does seem she's gotten a bit too big for her britches.

(Not a weight-loss crack. I swear.)

Oh, The Joys

My beef with the O is her take on charity. Why does she make people sob hysterically over her gratitude on television in order to get her money? Ick.

Mrs. Chicken

I'd have sued them. ALL OF THEM. Hotel, Oprah, and I would also personally call every newspaper in the state and tell them Obama wrecked my wedding.


I would ask her, "How do you want your 'no', fast or slow?"


I am not an Oprah devotee, and I had heard NONE of this. I find it rude in the first place and...well, I just find it rude.

The height of rudeness.

I would ask, "Who does she think she is," but that would be absolutely unnecessary.


Mrs. Chicken...

I agree...except that it was Oprah who wrecked it. Not Obama. It's likely that none of this reached his ears until it was too late. This diva attitude is vintage Oprah.

Fold My Laundry Please

A bascrillion dollars? More like a majillion bascrillion!

I actually hadn't heard anything about this. Making wedding plans is a horrific thing to have to go through just for 10 minutes of "I-do-ing". To have those plans tossed aside by someone who has too much money and has forgotten her manners is terrible!

Nap Queen

I love Oprah, I really do. I think the good she does outweighs her humongous ego. However, I can't STAND it when famous people think they are ENTITLED to cut to the front of the line. NO CUTS. We learn that in kindergarten.


I would tell her that was just fine, if her people could get my friends and family accomodations elsewhere, and Oprah could pay for it. Oh, and since the wedding is going to be moved now, Oprah can pay for that, too. AND a honeymoon. And a downpayment on a house. I mean, come on.

And I wouldn't like someone uninvited showing up at my wedding. Even if it were Oprah.

L.A. Daddy

I would create such a public relations nightmare for her that she would have to pull out. And I would laugh at her. And I would jump up and down on her stupid magazine.

L.A. Daddy

I would create such a public relations nightmare for her that she would have to pull out. And I would laugh at her. And I would jump up and down on her stupid magazine.


If Oprah showed up at my wedding (bite your tongue) I would smile and wave and ask the best man to throw her out. Not having a bascillion gajillion dollars myself, I don't know if this is typical behavior, but I do know that there is something very unhealthy for a soul to become as powerful as Oprah.

Chaos Control

I've been an Oprah fan forever - but I must admit, she's been getting on my last nerve lately. Everything she does feels like more of a self-promotion stunt than anything else.

If I were the displaced bride, I would have done exactly as J has commented here ... had Oprah pay for new accommodations, the wedding, the honeymoon, all of it. Sounds like a fair trade-off to me!


I would have made her give me a bascrillion or so dollars. Or, sued her for a bascrillion, either one.


1. I would sue the hotel. They are the ones who said, "Yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, 3 bags full." And then let them collect from the Big O.

2. If that didn't work, I would write a letter to O. and ask her if she might consider lending some space in her 64-million dollar digs.

3. And then I would blog about it, and send press notices to every TV channel and radio station on the planet.

Loving Annie

Good Wednesday evening to you, Wordgirl !
I've stayed at San Ysidro Ranch several times in the last 2 years, and absolutely love it. It is an enchanting place, and I can see why the couple was reluctant to give up their rooms.
I would be shocked if SYR had the foolishness to bring such bad p.r. upon themselves and alienate their loyal guests.
Oprah has balls.


I'm not sure what I would have done, but I really, really hope that Oprah will consider coming up to Prince Edward Island and pulling some of that shit on my daughter Allison's wedding, because that would be the most fun thing to watch EVER. I mean, you should hear the ripping I get when I suddenly remember one more friend for the guest list, like I had personally tracked dog poo on her wedding dress or something. I would pay good money to see Oprah come in and try to throw a spanner into her plans. But I would watch from behind glass, because, you know, blood stains and all.


I hadn't heard about the wedding crashing. OMG the ego on that woman.

And Montecito has plenty of fine places to stay (San Ysidro is super expensive BTW). Starting with the freaking 4 Seasons Biltmore right down the street. Maybe her guests could suffer along with that?


Wow, I hadn't heard about that but I know it goes on. A certain British soccer player once, I believe, paid for an entire wedding and honeymoon for a couple because they wanted them to move their wedding so that they could hold a christening. One part of me thinks that sounds OK if the couple agress, but the other is not impressed that a celebrity would consider my wedding to day to be so unimportant that it could just be moved on a whim. It's a PR nightmare if it's handled wrongly anyway.


Right on!
Bump Oprah.
It's all about her. Always has been.
It's not about poor kids, it's about how Oprah pours her dear, little, megawealthy, taking-time-out-of-my-celebrity-lifestyle day heart out for kids not fortunate enough to be her. Yeesh.

Alpha GayleKingMa

Well, I would tell Oprah that I've had an AHA! moment and 'What I Know For Sure' is that I've been cured of 'The Disease to Please' and so the answer would be NO!

Then I'd invite James Frey to serve as an usher or bridesmaid or something. Because you see, I'm still a bit bitter about how she's catapulted Dr. Phil and Racheal EVOO Ray into the stratosphere of celebrity.

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