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August 19, 2007



Of course he does. And more specifically, he loves his Mom. I know how wrenching it can be when they leave, darlin' ... and I wish I could say it gets easier. It doesn't. It just gets ... different.

Good different, for the most part. But ... different.


wow. he looks so old. so grown up.

and you. how are you?


Dorm rooms have come a long way since my day. (Of course half the stuff kids take to college nowadays didn't exist when I was a student, LOL.)

Sounds like you're holding up well, dear. Glad to hear Greyson is off to a good start.


I'm so excited for him and feel the bittersweet for you.


Ya done good, darlin. ;)

But you knew that already.


So glad to see you post; I've been thinking about you! And that pic of the three of them together? I'm just glad I have 17 more years to prepare for this. Sniff.


Just look at that young man, striding toward his future!

I can't even imagine what it must feel like, with your oldest off to start the rest of his life. Without you. Sniff.

Seriously, I'm not trying to rub it in or anything.


Thought about you yesterday as we were moving Jared and his 6 cartons, tv stand, fridge, microwave, rolling cart, etc. into the dorm in the pouring rain the entire time. Only one phone call last night: can't get his "home" email to download. Today, I have to "download" the dishwasher myself, his usual chore.

Loving Annie

Good Monday morning to you Wordgirl !

Oh, he looks so young/so old !college and dorms... How I remember.... Tiny rooms that seemed more than adequate. Meeting new people every day...
Ah, I envy him those sweet days of irresponsibility and sort of studying....

Glad he loves his Mom and is showing it !

Loving Annie


Very sweet. And of course he does. :) Is it OK if it makes me a little weepy to see him off to college?

I remember moving into the dorm my freshman year and the boys with speakers as tall as they were being unloaded from u-hauls. And then walking to class 10 miles in the snow, uphill both ways.


A 32" flat screen TV in a dorm room? Kids today ... so soft, so spoiled. LOL

I had a 9" black and white TV and used the rabbit ears!

And I had to walk up hill to class everyday!

LOL ;-)

Antique Mommy

I'm looking at my 3YO sleeping on the sofa and thinking about how that day when we drop him off at college, 15 years from now, will come upon me in the blink of an eye. And I will even be able to believe it.

Antique Mommy

oops. I meant to say I "won't" even be able to believe it which is entirely different.

Oh, The Joys

Well... I'm glad he needs you. You are so far ahead of me.


How could he not love you? You are so awesome.

Sub-woofers. Lovely. Never too young to annoy the neighbours, I suppose.


Wow. This sounds ridiculous, but I'm in such awe of you. I hope I can reach the point where you are now. The journey is scary to contemplate.

Congratulations to you both (and Mr. Half too, of course).


Of course he loves you to bits. I can only hope that I do half as well as you have by the time I take Stumpy off to University. :)

Katy (formerly June C.)

Seeing the lecture hall, I'm so jealous of your son! I'd love to be back at that point in my life where anything is possible. I love the life I have, don't get me wrong, but MAN the possibilities!


Awesome. And how are YOU holding up?

Fold My Laundry Please

I remember when my parents dropped me off for my first semester at college. I felt like I was starting the "Next Big Adventure"! I was practically an adult, responsible for no one but myself! But I'm sure I called home a lot more than I remember doing in the first few weeks. My roommate on the otherhand bawled like a baby for the entire first two weeks! I just couldn't understand how she could be so sad when there was so much to do.


I though "Fish" were only freshman Cadets. I had no idea that all freshman were fish.

Somehow I cannot imagine the majority of freshman at Virginia Tech putting up with being called "Rat" like the cadets.


Glad you're hangin' in there.


When it began, A&M was an all-military school. Now the corps makes up only about 8% of the school's 47,000 students. That said, all freshman are called fish and nobody minds it. Fish Camp is a four-day orientation that deals only with the school's many traditions and it's a way to help the newcomers feel less overwhelmed and to bring them into the Aggie family. It's not a derisive term for the regular students since our school has a history that is rich in symbolism and tradition. Seniors are called elephants or zips, but the non-military students do not give special privilege or authority over the lower classmen. Only the corps adheres strictly to the "rank gets privilege" way of life.

Wanderlust Scarlett

Beginnings are wonderful things.

How lucky he is to have you there to support him and love him. How very blessed and lucky, for both of you.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Chaos Control

For some reason, this post brought me to tears. Probably just pregnancy hormones, since I've got about 15 years before my little man leaves for his dorm room!!!

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