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August 02, 2007



Oh lordy. That is quite a statement she's making there. The main thing I always want to know is what were they thinking, really, when they looked in the mirror and left the house?

"Ok, so left ass, check. Right ass, check...let me kinda lift the material up here, and pull the stringy thread parts down artistically...hmm, maybe if I sorta shove my ass cheeks down with my back pockets....yes! Oh yeah baby, I'm ready. Let's go."

They have to like the way it looks, because as KathyR said up there, it's definitely NOT comfortable.

Loving Annie

Good Sunday afternoon to you, Wordgirl ! Couldn't agree more ! HEH-HEH.

I sometimes wonder if people look in the mirror before they purchase something - let alone go out in public in it !
Decorum, ladies, decorum !

And congratulations to you on the thoughtful blogger award !


a bagful of angry manatees??? Perfect description!

Jonathon Morgan

I agree with the above commenters. I love the fact that it even occured to you -- let alone that you had the nerve -- to snap the photo. Classic.


Whoa! Yikes! Ick!


Too danged funny!!!! This is why a person who blogs should ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS carry their camera on their person. Moments like this just can't be described with words.

Ya know...one post you did many, many months ago about waiting in line behind someone at Walmart or some store in the computer section while this lady was returning something "related to a computer" - can't remember exactly what...but you were waiting in line behind her and your post was ABSOLUTELY CLASSIC. Anyway, the only way it relates to this is, I wish you'd taken a picture of the lady. I have always wondered what she looked like!

THAT is why I love reading you!!! Well, that and because you are so absolutely brilliant..and you live in Texas (ha ha)

Me too!


I just saw this girl at the State Fair I swear! I was so beside myself that I started praying right on the spot...something to the effect of "Please Lord let her not have done that on purpose" *smirk*

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