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August 02, 2007


wanderlust scarlett

Good call... YIKES What was she THINKING!!! Oh wait...

By the way... I awarded you with a thoughtful blogger award on my page... please drop by when you get a chance, and pick it up.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Alpha DogMa

I can't believe you:
a. blogged this.
b. had the nerve to actually whip out the camera/phone and take a picture.

I'm so proud of you.

Antique Mommy

Good Grief. When I closed my eyes after seeing that, the image was scorched into the back of my eye lids. I hope your phone is okay.


And such thoughtful advice, crucial to our quality of life.

Thanks for the giggle...and shudder.


While I can agree that this young woman cannot carry off this particular look, I will say (on behalf of many guys) that SOME women can. Because bare ass? Sometimes, not so bad. Not so bad at all.


I love it when you snark.


What else did you expect by going to the zoo?! :)


Good. Lord.

We would have so much fun together, you and I, if we lived closer!


I love Nils up there in the comments, standing up for the rights of those with nice butts to hang them out there for all to see.

Great post.


Sigh. The world should be thanking whatever deity it prefers that I do NOT have a camera phone. You are so much kinder than I.


Are you sure you weren't at Disney?

Cause that feels like a "Disney" look to me....

I love us.


You know, being a woman at the top end of the regular sizes, I feel qualified to say that I cannot understand why someone would modify their pants so that their thighs would rub together. I mean, this is the main reason to continue to wear pants in hot weather: no rubby thighs. So, WTF?

"angry manatees" -snort-


You know, she isn't even that heavy, though.

But really, that looks pretty damn bad.


Heh. Spot on.

What WAS she thinking?


Really? Not a good look? Hmm... guess I'll have to rethink my professional wardrobe... *snork*

I once saw a teenage boy walking around with his pants so low they made me want to go over to him, grab the waistband and yank them up for him. Either that, or get all enthusiastically 'dumb' with him... "Woooow. Heeyyy... that's a very cool look! And think of the workout your arms are getting hiking up your pants all day long... How DO you keep those pants from falling down around your ankles, anyway? Hmm? Hmm? I'm really curious..."



Those are Sunday Go-To-Meeting clothes around here. LOL ;-)


I don't get the second comment-- of COURSE you have to blog about this AND take pictures. That's your responsibility as a blogger, right?

Excellent work, as usual, WordGirl.


Though I agree with Nils and everything else that was said, I find that it's easy as I grow older to criticize what the young do.

I've become my parents!


Truthfully, Dan? She wasn't that much younger than me. She was a fully grown adult.


Stop it - you're giving me (hick!) the hiccups from laughing so hard!


"...when you discover your ass... looks like a bag of angry manatees..."

So I consulted a manatee, and she had this to say about it:

Congratulations on your award!


So that was YOU following us at the zoo today?


The sun came out today here for the first time in weeks. With it, sadly, came the acres of flesh. I would never inflict that on the world! Or maybe I'm just jealous...


Oh, no. No. NO.

And good job with the camera phone.


The picture will be forgotten. The idea of a tight pair of jeans on a round butt looking like "a bag of angry manatees" will have me smirking forever.

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