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August 13, 2007



Take care, darlin! Come back when you can.

slouching mom

Perfectly understandable!


Good luck with the grand departure. We'll be thinking of you.

ann adams

You could buy a gross of socks and he'd still run out.

Does he plan to bring his laundry home to mommy?

Congratulations to him and I'll see you when you come back.


I ache for you through this transition, and look forwardto the stories from the other side. We should all be so lucky to have a mom like oyu.


Don't fret about the socks, buy him a gift certificate for the closest to campus store and let him go get new ones when he runs out!

Sounds like you might be taking on more worry than you need to, darlin'!


Good luck to all of you, my dear!


Try not to stress too much and take lots of tissues. I've heard that moms need them for the drive home. Good luck to both of you.


Get him some birkenstocks or crocs and forget about the socks!
Good luck letting go your first one. Will he still be close enough that the trip home to do laundry will be a possibility? At least you'll see him monthly!


Take care of yourself! Don't worry about the socks!


My son leaves on Sunday, and I am so with you. I seem to be the only one who is remotely interested or concerned about the huge amount of things that need to be done. Rick and Jared are serene and composed. Today, I heard Jared making plans to play 18 with a friend tomorrow. He has packed not at all, and laundry is mountainous in the basement. I may need to be put in a home.

Fold My Laundry Please

Take your time. We understand all about stress! Good luck getting your son off to college!


please don't apologize; just savor, sweetie.


(and, oh, btw,? please sleep, too. you need some rest to help turn these memories into long-term ones.)



you do what you can and then they make do. The socks thing doesn't get any better? So sad -- I just bought another 12!! pair for each boy (including hub).

Be sure to take time to pause and enjoy it, or at least create the memory to look back on later.


Mail him some new socks right before exams, he'll need them most around then when he's too busy to do laundry.


you've got a lot of terribly exciting things going on right now...and we'll be around when you come up for air.


Thinking of you today. I'm sure it will all go smoothly, even though it's hard for you. Just remember, you've done a great job raising him and now it's his turn to take those lessons into the world.


Good luck.


Good luck! Think about taking a mini-vacation/break when this is all over.


Thinking of you...I know how hard this time is.

Chaos Control

A mom and her college-bound daughter were in front of me in line at Target last weekend. They bought lots of socks. And deoderant.

Watching their interaction I could feel the sense of excitement mixed with fear and a bit of sadness that both of them were experiencing. Something I am and am not looking forward to ...


Good luck! To both of you.


Good luck!! I'm sure all will be well.


I hope you are well amid all the craziness in your life at the moment. Thinking of you.

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