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August 30, 2007



Oooh, this is a good question. Garlic mashed potatoes, pizza from West End (a local joint), macaroni and cheese with peas....this is a hard one to narrow down!

And I have to confirm this: your TAILBONE was broken during your deliverys?!?! BOTH of them?!?!?!?!I've never even heard of this happening! This is very alarming news. Were you on all kinds of pain meds? My god. I am having sympathy back pain just thinking about it.


Yeah...all three of my sons broke my tailbone upon exiting my...uh...ladyparts. All of my kids tried to present "sunnyside up" as they call it when babies descend through the birth canal face up. They're supposed to be born face down and so, until they turn themselves (or are persuaded to turn) their heads spend a little time bonking against your tailbone...which re-attaches pretty quickly. Just in time to break off again the next time around. Tradition always said that the size of a woman's hips from side to side makes birth easier, but it's really how you're shaped from front to back. Maybe that played a part in it too. Either way...as I said on your blog...the other trauma down there sort of takes your mind off of the tailbone thing.


My Mama's chicken and dumplings, that's comfort food to me...no one else can make them like she can...


I had a sunny side up delivery too. UGLY.

But about the food--I really love homemade chicken soup with cornbread. When I'm sick or out of sorts, it's what I wish for.


Hmm. My kids have only been busting my ass since they became teenagers.

If it's delivery, it's a pizza. Bacon and pineapple. In fact, I think I'll make up some dough and make some pizza this very night. Thanks for the inspiration (if not the calories).

If it's just dessert, my granny (who was a baker) made a killer cinnamon/raisin coffee ring with icing that had a slight lemon tang to it. Man, you just made my mouth water. And it had nothing to do with you talking about your lady parts.

Antique Mommy

Fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies and a cup of coffee with Coffeemate creamer.


Mmmm... mozzarella sticks with marina sauce, a chocolate malt, and pizza - cheese, tomato and Canadian bacon. Coke to wash it all down, a Mai Tai to top it all off, and three uninterrupted days to sleep it all off. :)

Truthfully though, I'd settle for the quiet afternoon, blankie, comfy clothes and pizza. :)


Comfort food is waffles and bacon and a big glass of milk around here. It's what my dad always made us for dinner when my mom was out doing something else.

But for the scenario you described I would order orange chicken from Pei Wei and a huge glass of iced tea and some chocolate chip walnut cookies for dessert.


Pasta. Or soup. Mmm. I'm hungry.


Kraft Dinner and my mom's chicken pot pie. I still kick myself that I didn't ask her before she died how she made it. It was absolutely perfect.


Macaroni and cheese, and my grandmother's apple strudel, which sadly cannot be duplicated since her death.

slouching mom

Both my kids were sunny-side up, too, but both ended up being born by C-section because their chins got stuck on my pelvic pone as I pushed. Fun times.

Oh. Apple crisp. No question.


The ultimate comfort food for me is meat loaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. Maybe a roll or two with them and a Pepsi. Not a diet soft drink or water. The real thing with all the sugar and caffeine.

Or if I'm not making it myself and all meat pizza and some beer.


My daughter's lasagna. I have tried to duplicate it, but I can't. And the cake. That's what my family calls it, just the cake. It's a chocolate cake with this brown sugar/caramel icing. Both of those things and a fork and I'm good. And nobody bothering me. For hours.


I want roast turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy--lots and lots of gravy--stuffing, corn, and the little soft square potato rolls.

Nap Queen

Pizza. I'm always in the mood for it. Austin's Pizza will do soy cheese, too, which is awesome.

And any yummy bread. Cornbread, my great-grandmother's yeast rolls, French bread, you name it, I'll eat it.


Oooo... waffles... and warm bread and *real* butter, not margarine.


Cupcakes and milk!


If it's high in cholesterol, it's probably on my list of comfort food. Except for homemade soups (mushroom, onion, anything if it's homemade.) I love soups.


Warm brownie, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce. Mmmmmm...


ah. enchiladas.

a big bowl of pasta.


Mrs. Chicken

My mom's chocolate chip cookies. Totally. I can smell them now.


Good bread and good butter. That's it. Maybe some sea salt too.

My tailbone was broke during my first delivery too. I am hoping it was pushed out of the way for this next one. The recovery sucked so bad because of that pain. *Shudder*

Oh, The Joys

Breakfast cereal from a box. I know, I know. No big whup there, but I love, love, love it.


Roast beef, potatoes, carrots, onions and a nice glass of Merlot. It's a one-pot meal, and there're usually leftovers for tomorrow. Yum.

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