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June 27, 2007


Don't make me come down there, missy!!

How offensive.
How terribly terribly offensive.
How can you callously mock those of us who have delicate epidermii (okay, I don't know how to pluralize epidermis, but that looks good to me) and ask only that our spouses show a bit of concern and tenderness toward us and our HORRIBLY MISUNDERSTOOD CONDITION THAT IS REAL!!??
I must use expensive, scent-free detergents and dull bland base cream. I can only use Pears Soap - the official soap of Queen Elizabeth.
This is my cross to bear.
Rest assured I still like you, mostly cos you made that awesome Buffalo Bill reference. Again...completely serious. Or not.


I know you're being funny and I loved your post, but I feel hubby's pain.

My skin is not terribly sensitive, but the rest of me is. Many colognes and scented body products make me feel as if someone has punched me in the face. If I can hear 2kinds of music playing at once, I can't think!! It is an affliction.

Here's a website about it:


A friend of mine would call your husband 'a delicate @#$%ing flower'

Mine cries in pain at the teg in the back SCRATCHING HIM. CAN I NOT FEEL THE PAIN.

No, Honey, I'm too busy pointing and laughing. 'Cause I'm THAT kind of wife.

Great post, S!


Awww, poor, poor Mr. Half. He is (and his sensitive skin are) a man of particular tastes, obviously.


Isn't cotton the fabric of our lives...or something? ;)


I fell your hubby's pain! And my wife mocks me just like you mock him. But it's real, I tell you! The suffering is intense!

*whimper* *sniff*

K. I'm done now.

Loving Annie

Good Thursday morning wordgirl.

Try sheets from Lisa Galimberti in Florence. They are awesome.
Chateau du Sureau in Oakhurst, CA. carries them...

Also, try and see what kind of bedding the 16 room Les Mars Hotel in Healdsburg, CA. has -- they were also utterly exquisite...

Fold My Laundry Please

My husband insists on a higher thread count in our sheets. I, however, am fine with the cheap Walmart, 180 thread count sheets. Hubby, however says he has a hard time sleeping unless the sheets are at least a 400 thread count! Men can be such wimps! And don't even get me started about when they get sick!


So when Mr. Half passes into thenext life and it's time to mummify his remains, will you use good ol' Egyptian muslin soaked in the fertile waters of the Nile? Or will you have to instead soak him in angel tinkle first, then run unicorn powder on his skin? Enquiring minds want to know.

Kathy/ Lessons from the Laundry

My husband, who hardly ever reads my blog, mocked me in a response yesterday! I think it keeps the whole marriage real. And I think everyone of them has some issue or quirk - don't we all?

Her Bad Mother

My Bad Husband is always convinced that I'm making fun of him on my blog. Which I am, kinda. But all in love, of course. :)


If he thinks cotton is softest let him try SOY. Seriously, I touched a pair of SOY pants in a hotel gift shop and became spontaneously aroused. I purchased said SOY product which was nothing I would ever wear out of the house (pink lounge pants) and wore them until they stood on their own. I fear washing their softy soft goodness out, but will happily report to you after the next laod, cause they are going in. Really, go SOY, go now.


Sister, your talking to the chick whose husband WRAPS THE FRUIT!!!

And who frequently calls me into other rooms with the command "Can you smell something?"....

We have married delicate hot house flowers of masculinity


I would have never thought you were mocking him with anything but love!

Great story :)


Mr. O. is also very picky about fabrics. Anything that is the slightest bit scratchy goes back where it came from. He can't stand the labels/tags in the inside neckline of shirts, either. I have to take them all out with a seam ripper before he will even put the shirt on. *sigh* I feel your pain. And theirs! :-)


My husband insists all new clothes be washed before he'll wear them. And my darling daughter? The most delicate skin in the world. Everything is unbearable to her.


I feel very bad for Mr.Half! That must be so hard on him. Does he wear those cotton Fruit of the Loom tshirts that have the label printed on instead of sewn in? Can he then wear a shirt with a tag over it? I am not making fun of your husband one bit, unlike all these other big meanie commenters of yours :)


Yup, count me among the sentitive skinned as well. I have to use prescription creams and salves on mine and I still erupt in hives or rashes pretty frequently. It sucks.

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