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April 17, 2007



Oh S -

Arms around you today.


I always give myself a headache trying to figure out why someone would commit such an act on innocent people.

Why couldn't he have just killed only himself? Is that a bad thing to say?


I actually thought about y'all and Greyson in the wake of what happened. All parents really with kids away, but for some reason specifically those who are in the place you are - sending one out into the world next year.


Totally with you on this. I keep thinking about the parents in this tragedy. Of course the odds are overwhelming that Greyson and other students around the country are going to be completely safe and unharmed during their college careers but it doesn't matter. Statistics are powerless in the face of your worst fear.


My nephew is a student at Virginia Tech...


hugging my babies more tightly these days


mrtl! As I live in breathe. I haven't heard from you in forever! How nice to have you here.

the reluctant ADDult

I cannot get my mind wrapped around this, either.

It makes me want to get in the car and drive up to Ohio, just to make sure my daughter is safe--in her classroom, where she is supposed to be safe...right?


It's all really too much for me.


I thought about you when I heard the news, and I just knew you would be thinking of your oldest going off to college. But it's like V-grrrl said, the odds are that he will be perfectly O.K., though the fear is there that something might happen. Let's just hope this tragedy gets people moving on gun control, and also... getting all of us as a society to be more aware of who is around us and be more alert to offbeat or bizarre behavior.


I thought of you as well and another mom who's sending the oldest of her crew next year as well.

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