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April 24, 2007



Stoicism - being the rock that others can cling to when the storm seas rise - is a much misunderstood and undervalued character strength. We don't all grieve the same way, and no way is better than others.

I don't think you care less for people who have moved on, simply because you don't express your grief in ways others prefer. I admire your reserve, honour it, and understand that your thoughts - and your grief - are very personal.

I am sorry for your family's loss, and I know you feel a great pain today. I won't offer you a shoulder to lean on. Instead, just know that I'm standing beside you.


My thoughts are with you guys.


I'm so sorry for your loss, love.

I think some good thoughts for your family.


I am very sorry for your loss. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.


I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry for your loss; this was a wonderful tribute.


Sleep well, Grandma Y.


what a gorgeous tribute. what an amazing couple.

how wonderful you get to keep their spirit alive.


This was a wonderful tribute. It sounds like she had an amazing life.


She sounds like a lovely person - I'm sorry for your loss, and feel enriched by your tribute to her.


I am truly sorry for the emptiness you feel, I hope its temporary and you all can soon be fulfilled by the wonderful memories.


It sounds like she lived a rich life. I bet she had some great stories to tell.


I'm so sorry for your family having lost such a wonderful person.

It sounds like the world is a bit less bright without her in it.


This is really lovely. What a wonderful woman. I'm glad you shared her with us.

And that bit about the Winter boys kills me.


96? Wow. That's a pretty good run.

Sorry for your loss.


I hope there will be someone who can truthfully say all of these things about me when I die, hopefully, at the age of 96. I'm glad to know your happy memories are sustaining you all through this time of loss.

Antique Mommy

A lovely tribute to a life well lived. We should all hope that when our time is over that there will be someone who will say things so kind of us.

Mrs. Chicken

Oh, they sound so lovely! I never knew any of my grandparents well enough to love them.

How blessed, and how beautiful.

I am sorry for your loss, but somehow, after reading this, I feel as though they will always be with you.


Chaos Control

What an amazingly beautiful tribute! You've inspired me ... I'd better get to work!


That was a beautiful tribute, and worthy of some sort of blogger's award.

Grandma Y sounds like a person I would have loved to have known, and certainly an inspiration for tolerance, patience, and just plain faith in humanity.

My sincere condolences to you and Mr. Half. May her memory inspire future generations of the "Half family." Certainly Grandma Y has inspired me.


I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like she was a truly remarkable woman who lived a a wonderful life.


What a wonderful, wonderful tribute. Just beautiful...


What a lovely tribute! Your relationship with her reminds me of my relationship with my husband's late grandmother. I miss her more than I miss my own grandma.


This is so well written, and it inspires me. The art of giving and accepting life's graces and goodness, remaining open to experience, loving to family, and connected in a marriage is truly rare.

The photo is wonderful. Apparently they were beautiful people inside and out. I'm sorry for your family's loss but so happy to hear of their legacy.

ann adams

What a lovely tribute.

My mother is still with us. She'll be 95 her next birthday. I hope I can do as well by her when the time comes as you did in this post.

I'm a stoic on the surface. I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse. It causes people to think of me as stronger than I really am.

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