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April 23, 2007



Years ago, during my early days in Spain, I went along to a "fortune teller" that a friend of mine had talked me into seeing. He was an elderly man, quite serious, and he read our palms. He told me I would get involved in two serious relationships, but I would not end up marrying either person. That eventually I would 'cross the ocean' again, but not for many years. That I would marry very late in life. He couldn't work out the "children" thing, either, though: he said my child lines were very faint and there were two of them. Now... ALL of that came true. Except the part about the children: I don't have any. I do however have two step-children. The two 'faint lines' perhaps?

Also.. this really creeped me out because it was more immediate, and I had no idea whatsoever. He said my brother was working on a secret project of some sort, and that it would be very, very successful in the near future. I called my brother a week later and casually asked him how work was going. He said he had been working with a small team of engineers on a new prototype for a PC that he hadn't been able to talk about for security reasons, but now that it was about to go public, he could finally tell me the name of the company. He said they were all excited about it, and hoped it would be able to compete with IBM, etc. The name of the company was Compaq. That totally blew me away because it was so specific, and, as I said, this guy didn't know me from boo, and I was very careful not to give him any information about myself.


Empty fortune cookies (2 in a row) and a horoscope that said my greatest strenghth is that I'm a ballbuster, pretty much wraps up my experience with fortune telling.

Antique Mommy

In about 1985 as well, I went to a palm reader named Pansy who was in the old Olla Podrida artsty shopping center in Dallas (which of course is not there now because Dallas tears down everything)and she told me a lot of stuff about myself that was remarkably "insightful" shall we say. The one thing she said that stuck with me and that I can still hear her say is this phrase: Although you may not have your own, you will have a child who will be like your own. So I always figured I would adopt, especially after we flunked invitro. But, she was wrong. I found the experience to be fun and memorable, but I don't really believe in it. I do however think that some people are extreeemely intuitive and perceptive.


The one time I went to a palm reader (for a lark of course *ahem*) she told me I had too many lines in my hand.

Then she sent me on my way.

Seriously. What the hell does that mean?


An astrologist did my chart once; she was pretty accurate. She also did my husband's. The way she described our marriage was almost letter-perfect, and she didn't use vague, amorphous phrases that could be easily interpreted as true no matter what. She actually used a few phrases that the priest who married us said, and they weren't cliches, either. I'm not a big "believer", but it did make me think.

Oh, The Joys

I've never gone to a psychic...


A woman read my palm once, and said I was never going to get what I was hoping for at the time. She was right.


I have never been able to bring myself to go to a palm reader. I've come close, but changed my mind. I'm too afraid it will all be bad news.

I did have a girl in college that did some kind of psychic reading for me using Tarot cards. It was interesting, but then again she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. And still is by the way. So she could have been reading the stock quotes and I would have found it interesting.

Anyway, she told me she and I didn't have any future. I was crushed. LOL


I haven't been to any psychics but I once had a dream that I was trapped in my apartment in a fire and trying to crawl out but was overcome by smoke. The dream was absolutely the most vivid I have probably ever had and I woke up in a complete panic. The next day I found out that a very good friend house caught fire that night and was found by the firefighters passed out in the living room overcome with smoke inhalation. My dream ended as I was crawling in the living room, trying to find the door. David did survive and made a full recovery but had to be hospitalized for several months. It was very shocking to me and I didn't even want to tell him about it. I eventually did but I still don't even like to think about it. It really scared me.

There is a story in the family about my great-grandmother who woke up one night screaming about dying in a ditch with rain falling on her. Her oldest son was in a car accident that night and was found, in the rain, crumpled up in a ditch. (He also survived and eventually made a full recovery.) I tend to not believe in astrology or fortune tellers but I do believe, because of my experience, that there might be telepathy.

repressed librarian

I have never had any kind of experience like this, but I've been thinking about having a tarot card reading done, mainly just for fun. I'll let you know if I do.


What a remarkable story, WG.

I do believe in psychics, and ghosts, and demons, and angels, and all that. I believe the world is full of mystery and that we only glimpse "reality."

That said, I'm also very skeptical of those who claim paranormal abilities, but the main reason I've never had my palm read is because I don't want to know. I want to be only in the moment I have now.

I probably feel this way because my late teens and 20s were consumed by illness and loss--first my sister and then my parents. Whatever losses may be in my future, I don't want to know. I have today, and that's all that matters to me.


Wow cool.

I once attended a party and a friend of a friend who claimed to be psychic told me I would be divorcing my then husband and would be married again within the year (to someone I hadn't even met yet). I just about fell off my chair.

And yup, you guessed it. It all came true.

I guess I have to believe!


It is rare to find a medium to whom you can say "Well done!", but this seems to be the case here.

While I am - in most cases - a skeptic, I had had incidences with Tarot Card readings - done for amusement - that turned out eerily accurate. When I was hosting a radio show, I once did an interview with a tarot card reader who was spot on with her predictions that within a year the show would change, I would become disillusioned and leave the company and go on to success on the stage. NONE of that was in the works or had even been considered before I went to the reader in July. By November I was gone from the company and writing a play. By February we were workshopping, and opened in early June.

The second time was a few years ago. The reader, a friend, predicted that my touring would expand to other parts of the world. It did. And she also predicted that I would begin to lose interest in touring and I would start looking for something new ... and that when I found it I would be in " ... a position of authority."

Hmmm. Thanks for reminding me of that.

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamed of in your philosophies."


Two years ago at a summer fair I asked a palm reader about my future. She said the man I met was genuine and that he was telling me the truth and wanted to walk the walk, but I had to let go of my fear and let him.

We've been married for almost a year.

She also said I'd have 4 children-2 natural 2 adopted. Dear god I hope she was wrong on that--I'm ready for, oh, ONE kid right now with an option o n 2. Four is fucking scary.


I had my palm read in Jamaica ten years ago. The palm reader predicted the birth of my son in such a detailed, spooky, erie way that I gives me the chills to think about it.


My 7th grade science teacher claimed that he could analyze handwriting. I asked him privately once what, if anything, he saw in mine.

He said it wasn't good, but that he wouldn't tell me exactly what. Just reinforced the feeling of abnormality and private monstrousness I'd been harboring.


I used to read cards, and usually the readings were true to the person's situation.


Oh, yes.
A group of 4 of us had our palms read at a downtown coffee shop one night in 1989. The palm reader was a normal looking, middle-aged woman. Everything she told all 4 of us has come true. My then-boyfriend-now-husband and I did break up for a year and a half and then ended up marrying in a hurry (read: bun in the oven) We do have 2 sons and they came to us via adoption which is why she said "I don't understand your children lines but there are 2 or 3 there... " (husband has another son from another relationship)
The palm reader said the other man in our party would attain a life dream after much difficulty (he started to build very high-end housing the next year and does to this day). For the other woman in our group, she said she would not marry, but would be very happy in her life after a move to one of the Coasts (woman moved to San Francisco and found great happiness in her career, has not yet married and says she never will). The palm reader also said I would have a health crisis around my 50th year (had thyroid cancer) and that the other woman would have a health crisis around her 40th year (she got breast cancer).
I wish I would've taken better notes. She said alot more stuff. Nearly Everything I wrote down (the next day) has come true. There is one more thing that I am looking forward to! (Okay: To Which I am looking foward.) But I'm keeping that to myself!

Wow. I had not thought about this for years. I get goosebumps remembering this stuff.

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