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April 26, 2007



No way! Am I the first one here? Quick! I need to post this before someone else comes along and pops the post cherry before me.



Anyway, now that that's over...

I was cracking up all through #4. And this >>"WOW!! For that much money you could buy a Wii plus two games!!"<< sounds like something my 12 yr old brother would say. I swear sometimes he's talking in code.


My son bought his first Game Boy in October, then a PSP in December. HIs focus is never on the new games but on new EQUIPMENT. We remind him he's now invested a few hundred of his own dollars in technology that he's had less than 6 months. Why upgrade NOW? Why not enjoy what he has? Something better, of course, is always coming along. Ugh.

For the last 2-3 weeks though, his interest has mostly been in Runescape. He bellies up to the keyboard and talks on the phone at the same time to his friends who are also playing.

I feel your pain.


My son was madly in love with and obsessed with WoW for about a year and a half. And then, he just quit. Dropped it. Yippee!


My boys are 19 and 22, and, if you can believe this, they do not own a game system, not even a handheld one. They have a computer, yes, but no game systems. No, we are not Amish. I have no idea how I accomplished or continue to accomplish this.


I just bought 3 Disney Princess pillowcases for $4.99 a piece at K-Mart. They don't talk, break or suck my daughter into a non-communicative vortex. They do however teach come hither gazes, putting yourself last, that all the pretty girls have great racks and that without a man the story is incomplete. Damn, those expensive killing games are looking better and better.


Cracking up at amanda....


You are a brave woman!


I don't do psp or wii or any of that and I've never had to deal with GameStop. I think I'm happy about that.


I love number 3 and number 4. I love that he associates prices with games and technology. Growing up, my calorie comparison was the Pop-Tart (chocolate frosted has 200 calories). And for the money you spent just on gas getting the PSP strightened out, you could have bought a couple of much needed rounds at a bar. The older clerk is lucky you didn't chuck the thing at his head. "I see dead pixels..." Hee.


Girl - you are too funny!!!! I totally agree with you on the Gamestop thing. i have a 12 year old. I know.


Loved 'I see dead pixels'!

My nephew was hooked on computers and computer games from the moment his fingers hit the keyboard. And homework? What homework? My sister once resorted to unplugging The Machine and hiding the cable. No prob. My nephew got a ride to the store with a friend, bought his own cable, and it was months before my sister discovered the back-up cable in a far corner of his closet.


Ai yai yai...

Can I just sort of cross my fingers and hope really hard that things like PlayStations and the like will be passe when mine is older?

Denial, I know...


Good lord! That's a lot of trips to the mall. I love the mall - A LOT! But, not that much.

I hope he really enjoys his new PSP.


I hate hate hate video games, except for Karoake Revolutions, that rocks!


I'm ready for my next post! Demanding little shit aren't I?

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