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April 18, 2007



Happy, happy Birthdays, handsome ones!


Happy Happy Birthday Tucker & Wilder!

Fold My Laundry Please

Happy Birthday, Tucker and Wilder!

Psychic Friends Network...that cracks me up! So...were they right?


Wonderful news, my eldest just turned 10 last week(see on my blog) and my baby is 4 years old now. I got to thinking today, OMG, my son will be at High School in 2 years!!!


Beautiful boys you have there. Happy birthday to them both & congrats to you all!

Antique Mommy

So, do they each get their own cake or is it a two-fer? I would think the odds of having the same birthday as a sib are pretty low, except in the case of twins of course. Duh.


Happy Birthdays!


Well...they each have separate birthdays...the 15th and the 19th. The older guy wanted homemade brownies instead of a cake. The younger wants chocolate icebox pie...which I'm working on right now.


Happy birthday to your two. Is chocolate icebox pie like a chocolate cream pie?

I keep looking over at my son who is 10 and thinking that in just another year or two he is going to be as tall as I am.



As I write this, only the 13-year old is shorter than me. He's gaining quickly, however. The older two are taller than me and taller than their father...plus both of their grandfathers.

Occidental Girl

That was sweet. Did the psychic network give you the information???

Kids, they grow up so fast...


Happy birthday, boys!

Wordgirl, I only hope mine turn out as well as yours, and that I have as good a time with them as you seem to be having. :)


Wow! All those birthdays so close together. Spring is just one big non-stop celebration for you guys!


Happy birthday, guys!


Sweetness. Hope y'all are having a blast celebrating both days. :)


Two boys who love chocolate: how'd you get so lucky?


I should have spaced mine further apart.

Do you ever have mama guilt about your middle child?

Your boys are beautiful.


No guilt at all. He's a pretty happy fellow and was/is one of the easiest babies/toddlers/kids to ever grace the planet.


What handsome guys! Happy birthday to both, and well done, Mom!


I had to look up Faber College to find out what the joke was. Sure enough, it fell into that 20-odd year gap when I was not in the U.S. Sheesh! The stuff I miss... even after 8 years back here, there are still major cultural gaps, ha, ha!

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to your No. 2 and No. 3 sons! Hope a good time was had by all. Certainly all that chocolate didn't hurt!


Happy Birthday to both of them!


Happy belated Birthday to both your boys! Oh and I love how you've decorated the place since I've been gone!


Happy Birthday to your boys! It's truly amazing how quickly time flies by, isn't it? My daughter is 11 already...still my baby, but right on the cusp of something new...it's a great thing to watch, and yet...not sure I'd want to go through those years myself again, you know?


Happy Birthday all around!


They are both so handsome! Happy Birthday to both your big boys. My oldest son is two inches TALLER than me and he is ten! And my 8 year old is catching up fast.

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