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April 09, 2007



The convictions that people hold in the name of religion can be very frightening indeed.

Perhaps this "abomination" of women heeding the call will force her to leave the church?

One can only hope.


how did her mother explain the episode to her? (the 13 year old's mother, not the . .you know what I mean!)


The woman who made the remarks does not go to our church. She just felt the need to let this kid know that our church was doing it wrong and hers (one assumes)gave her the right to deliver this information.


Our babysitter (who, sadly, we have to replace when Thing 2 arrives) is an evangelical Christian and has informed me (in the past) that she is sad I will not be with her in heaven. Our views are SO divergent, and yet I am drawn into friendship because of her calm acceptance of life's bitterness. I have another pentalcostal pal who wishes I'd find her God, too. We don't talk about politics or religion, but we have other things in common.

I know how ugly it is for someone to say "You are going to hell," simply because your beliefs are not inline with theirs, but in my heart I can't get too upset. I find these beliefs sad and untrue, but I know what people get out of having them is solace. For themselves, at least, if not compassion for others who believe different things. As a NON-RELIGIOUS person, I wish more people could balance both. afterall, silence is a virtue, is it not?


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I really wish I knew where people get off saying this to other adults, much less kids.

To be fair though, I'm a wee bit sensitive on this topic since it was my priest who told me my mom was going to hell because she was a single parent. I was 9 or 10. And people wonder why I want nothing to do with Catholicism.


People like this woman are just following the lead of people like Jerry Falwell and James Dobson and other intolerant fake Christians. Falwell continues to remind Jews that they aren't allowed into Heaven, as if he's the gate-keeper. And Dobson is declaring who is and isn't a Christain.

These people are going to be really sorry when they don't end up where they think their going and they're told it's because of their being so judgemental and being liars.


WOW. Did the Mom of the 13 year old lay into her? What a horrible thing to voice!


Holy kamole. You are a better woman than me because you haven't trounced the 6-brain-celled "helpful" person yet.

Probably the only thing that gets me more spun up than someone roundly condemning another person's beliefs is someone condemning a child or telling a girl she can't do something because she's a girl. GRRRRRRRRRR...


Stunning. I'd have a really hard time biting my tongue if I were the mother of that 13 year old girl. It's hard enough to instill self esteem and confidence in teenage girls without stupidity like that getting in the way.

Mrs. Chicken

These ideas are the reasons we are in the situation we are now in this country. Religious fevor is at an all-time high. Have you seen "Jesus Camp?" Rent it. You'll pass out.

And I say this as a practicing Catholic.


I am really trying very hard to not let this get me started.

I am a recovering Catholic. 'Nuff said.


First of all, my condolences to the poor 13-year-old girl. No one should have to suffer that sort of mental abuse, especially a person who, as you say, is on the brink of garnering some self esteem.

The brainless woman who caused the damage sounds like one more "21st century fundamentalist Christian" (all too common in North Texas) who gets cheap thrills from scaring the crap out of the weaker and more defenseless. I truly do not understand all the fire and brimstone mentality that people seem to think is so necessary. The fear factor doesn't get any of us anywhere.

O.K., sorry for the little rant. Just wanted you to know I feel as indignant as you, and as powerless to do anything about it.


I never cease to be amazed by people's capacity to believe that their moral, beliefs, thoughts etc are so important, so life or death must share it or others will perish and I'll go to hell for not doing my "insert religion" duty that they accost, humiliate and defy social mores.
That said, I still wish I could go back in time and tell the woman at the movie theatre during a violent scene during which her four year old sobbed and begged to go home, that she should take the poor child away. But I didn't.


I'm aghast. Truly. Children (and I'm lumping the teens into that group) are still struggling to figure out their place in this world, let alone worrying about where they'll fit in the next one.

You reminded me of a friend of mine whose boyfriend died of a drug overdose, and another friend of hers matter-of-factly informed her that her boyfriend was probably in hell. I'm still dumbstruck each time I think of that exchange.

Why on earth can't people just STFU?


Well Wordgirl, I am SO relieved to know you belong to the church of Going to Hell. Me too! We ordain women AND gays! We also breathe good air.

I'm glad to know I'll have some good company down there in the cinders of eternal damnation. It will be my bit of heaven in the depths of hell.

Oh, The Joys

I mean it's the BASICS right - we learned it from the Brady Bunch - if you don't have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all.

(Or at least follow it up with "Bless his/her heart!!!"


Oh how I have experienced people like her. And worse. I still can't drive by the "Christian" school that kicked us out and told us we weren't really Christian without wanting to hurt someone. Truthfully, fair or not I can't really even talk to anyone that goes to that school.

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