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February 06, 2007



But isn't it interesting that just because she was an astronaut, we have held her up to some higher status of behavior than anyone else? We are shocked, SHOCKED that an astronaut would do such a thing, but if it was some mom from the suburbs, it would have been just another day's work for the police.

The Fat Lady Sings

For the first time in months Larry King wasn't talking about death; usually his favorite subject. What was he obsessing about? Funny you should ask. Tonight’s gab fest was all about our girl Nowak - and he had to trot out Buzz Aldrin to do it. This story isn't about crazy legs and her adult diaper - it’s about NASA and the space program in general. I've actually heard bubble-headed anchors ask if NASA should continue to be funded if they are unable to identify whack-jobs like Nowak. God give me patience! The entire space programs under the gun because someone's cheese fell off its cracker and they went looking for it in Florida. Personally - I would have chosen the Côte d'Azur - but that's me. I guess there’s no accounting for taste.


Like Gina said in her comment, I was surprised to hear that the scandal involved an astronaut. I would think they would be too busy to carry on workplace romances.


Man, that story is out of this world! (ba-dam-ching!)


I had the same "Geez, my life is actually pretty awesome, even if I'm NOT an astronaut" reaction.


Hmmm. Why should we be surprised a rocket scientist would go psycho for a colleague when Bill Clinton, President of the Free World risked his marriage, career, and the nation's reputation for a blow job from a student intern?

Smart people do stupid things for love and sex. Happens all the time!


I remember watching "The Right Stuff" and "Apollo 13" and saw all the training and evaluation they went through. But, that was Hollywood's idealized vision of how things work at NASA, apparently. LOL

As for the people "The Fat Lady Sings" talked about. Well there are a lot of people in Washington that have had their knives out for years looking to take a slice out of NASA. And scientific research in general.


I think I may be the only person on the planet who thinks this story is overblown. This woman is seriously unbalanced, and thankfully didn't get a chance to carry out some potentially horrible plan. But front page news? For days? I hope not.

I don't mean to criticise your writing of it, however. As a local story, I see it's merrit, not to mention its allure.

But on a national scale? Whether she's an astronaut or not shouldn't matter.

Frankly, I'm more saddened by Molly Ivin's passing than this horrible soap opera that's playing out right now.


do you think that people who are allowed to go into space have to get through a bunch of tests? psychological and physical? perhaps someone should go back and review the results?


Talk about falling off the deep end. You just have to wonder what was going on in her head. Or maybe it's best we don't know...


"What kind of crappy mother prefers bobbing around in the "Vomit Comet" when she can throw up in the privacy of her own bathroom while various children moan like the last survivors in a Village of the Damned while banging on the door with a metal spoon and asking when lunch will be ready"?

OMG - that description had me peeing my pants.
I swear my children are to blame for any and all intestinal issues present or future, that I may experience. Damn them.

You did miss throwing in there that she's cuckoo for Cocoapuffs.

Dooce Fan

She is a kook!


Amen, sister.

And god, the "Houston, We Have a Problem" clips are killing me.


I don't know. I feel pretty bad for her. I think she must be in pretty bad shape, mentally, to fall from being on a mission to this in just under a year.

I guess the incident is ripe for jokes and outrage, but I just feel like she's been held to a higher standard. Astronaut or no, she's still human, and obviously she's got some issues.


I don't queston the higher standard (or double standard) in that I know it exists. I don't think it's fair, but we know about it going into things that have previously been viewed as "male only careers". True enough, guys screw up all the time (every President we've had so far...not just Clinton), but Nixon was the only one who got canned. There's a lot more that's expected of women and I'm just saying that when one woman screws up, it ruins it for the rest of us, too. Not so much with men.


I think you are being a little hard on the woman. Maybe you have never experienced love insanity. I have. It ain't pretty. I never wanted to kill someone, but there were times when my behavior was less than rational. I am looking forward to the day when we don't fear that the actions of one woman colors all of us.


Hey, I got stuck on the freeway the other day (3 car pile-up and they closed I-45!!) and now I am thinking her diaper idea ain't half bad.

I'd had a ginormous coke at lunch that day...


I know you're right, that the double standard does exist. That part really sucks. But I would bet any amount of money that if she could have stopped herself, she would have. She may be messed up, but she's not stupid (obviously) -- I think she honestly got to the point where she was in over her head emotionally, and was acting without regards to reason.


An interesting take on the story. I hadn't considered that she may have done damage to the cause of women.

It's been front page news even up here in Canada. Something about this story just seems to have peeked peoples interest.


I have experienced love insantiy, but I didn't drive 900 miles with weapons in the back of my car. And never attacked anyone. The more a person has to lose in life, the more it necessary for that person to do whatever it takes to keep it together. I know that humans have failings and frailties, but it is also true that those who earn a place in the spotlight offer the rest of us a front row seat as they continue to be successful...or to watch as they self-destruct. I can understand being hurt or humiliated or threatened. I've been all three. But I don't think insanity is a requirement to understanding what Nowak did. Like it or not, women still labor under the "weaker sex" stereotype, though it has no basis in reality. When we show that frailty, we leave ourselves wide open for criticism from the male sector...despite the fact that they run amok on a regular basis. I hate the double standard, but it's there and until more women are in power, it will stay there.


All I can say is Preach, Sista'!

I'm sorry. The woman clearly has "emotional issues", but I have little sympathy. Yeeshk!

(and yes, we Texans don't need any more front page nutjobs skewing the nation's perception of us even more)


I can only assume she came completely unhinged, but you'd think someone would have noticed it happening.

But wait, why did I not hear of Molly Ivins's passing until toyfoyo's comment? When did this happen?

Alpha DogMa

BRILLIANT! Awesome post. Funny, sassy, poignant and 100% true.
This news story is horrible on every level that you've touched upon.
Here is the worst part: she fucked up her life for a relationship that is 'more than a professional thing but less than romantic.' WTF? She is not some naive teenage girl who could plausibly fall for the dumb ass 'friends with benefits' crock. She is a grown up woman who's sold out her life, her career and her family for less than any woman should ever expect or be satisfied with.
Also I'm so fed up with all the damn puns spouted off by newscasters. Enough.
I think we'll be safe for 10 months - tops. That is how long til Fox makes this into a movie of the week. Starring Tori Spelling. Ohmigod. It is all too horrible.


in the words of one my favorite bands, you are the dude who rules, Stacy.

this was awesome.


Imagine going down in history as the woman who drove cross-country in a dipe. The whole story is beyond what you can defend with the "love insanity" plea.

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