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July 17, 2006



That is some crazy insane shit. Military recruiters who have a quota are alarming enough, but they also have power to demand personal information from schools? Bloody hell. I admire your restraint in being polite.


I would be terrified! Reading posts like this makes me so glad we live in Holland.


I'm speechless. I fully expected this post to be about a "mistake" or the consequences of Selective Service registration--not a law that releases info the military on high school students. Unbelievable. And I'm correct in understanding this is under the "Leave No Child Behind" act?

Of course, when I was in high school the recruiters came INTO the classroom (during U.S. Government class, which was required for every senior), and gave their pitch.

Seeing as I am an old fart, this was when Iran was holding all those Americans from the Embassy hostage, and there was talk of war with Iran.

As scary as all of this is, would I prefer the DRAFT (agh!) or aggressive recruiting strategies? The truth--what I'd really prefer is peace, at home and abroad.


I have said this for YEARS that the No Child Left Behind act is true: They won't be left behind, they'll be stuffing them into camoflage and sending them to war.

I feel pain for parents of boys. I really do. But sooner or later, I'm afraid it won't matter. There will be a draft or we will make service for all citizens mandatory.


Oh. My. God.

I'm starting to wonder if applying for citizenship for my two is a good idea...
That's horrible. What a good Mom you are!


Yes...this thing is part of the No Child Left Behind Act. It's just one of the parts they didn't advertise to the public (surprised??) It's not just boys...girls will be part of this as well...and as a mother of sons I have to say that I've always thought boys shouldn't be singled out for military service while the girls are not. That's because I see the military as a career option in the same way I see that a person can choose to become a doctor or a lawyer. I don't see it as an obligation...except in times of extreme emergency. Iraq was not an emergency.


I typically refrain from smug criticism of the U.S. Government - it's so easy to smugly shake your head at any government from a safe distance, and I include my own (Canadian) government in that. But this is really something that would frighten me, too.

It's a hard nut to crack, because beyond having a responsibility to meet quotas, the recruiters are generally military people who have chosen that life, are committed to it, and see their work in recruiting as not just necessary but indeed honourable and a gift they are bringing to the young people they talk to. They firmly believe they are on the side of the angels (and that is morbidly true, isn't it. Several thousand angels created since this whole mess started), and therefore make very persuasive pitchmen.

Given that they are pitching to impressionable youths with a natural curiosity about leaving home and seeking adventure, and given that the media and opposition critics have been cowed into submission and are terrified to present anything but a sanitized view of the mismanagement and carnage for fear of being accused of "not supporting our troops", recruiters stand a very good chance of scooping up kids whose parents don't happen to be home the night they call.

I'm glad you were, and I'm glad you're vigilant in protecting your children's lives. I'm saddened that your government is less so.

Mrs. Harridan

God, that story made me feel a little sick. Our privacy is worth nothing.

It also made me think of the scenes of the recruiters in Fahrenheit 9/11 - how dogged they were. I guess it wasn't just them, it's recruiters in general.



Ditto V-Grrrl, I remember recruiters coming into our AP Chemistry class - where we should have been studying Chemistry - to talk about ROTC.

I'm a veteran myself, but I don't like this at all. Information about post-high school opportunities should be available to kids if they seek it out. Then again, I'm a misanthrope who didn't even like receiving unsolicited info from colleges, hoping that I might apply there.


God, that's horrible. I just can't imagine.

On behalf of canada, come on up!


This has been the source of much controversy. It really annoys me that the armed forces have access to this information. I was harrassed when I was in high school. I think the recruiters are even worse now that recruitment numbers are slumping. They sound more like used car salesmen than soldiers.


" And that's not all! If you sign today, you'll ALSO get these shiny metal tags with a special chain to wear around your neck at no extra charge! Don't delay; sign today! Now just sign your name right on this line, young man, and get started immediately on this great new adventure ...."


Serious bullshit. I remember getting the hard sell in high school, but I always assumed that was because we lived in a predominately military town.
While I can say I'm not surprised that the US gov't has no respect at all for our privacy I wish more people had the wherwithall to do what you did. Most people wouldn't know that was even an option.


Wow, that is shocking. I can't believe how aggressive they are!


I knew about that and always mark the box that my child's information is not to be disseminated to anyone. BUT, the Army Recruiter hangs out at Starbucks!!!!! AND, they will get your child's cell phone number and GO AROUND YOU.

Where is my child right now? In Basic Combat Training. He can't wait to join but is going to college first. It killed his dad and I but he truly wants this and is a level headed, extremely patriotic person. I am very proud of his decision now but it has taken me a while to feel this way.


Why flight? Are you afraid of a draft?


How infuriating. I had heard about that (being in DC, we hear about anything with a political spin) but I didn't know the info would be used for CONTACT purposes. I thought maybe to track people in case of a draft -- not that that is much better, but geez, this is ridiculous.


Of course I'm afraid. Things are going badly. We've made a bad situation worse and I don't think we'll ever get out of Iraq as long as Bush is in office. We'll deplete the number of people who actually WANT a career in the military and then they'll FORCE the young males. And BTW...I've discovered that, even though the private informaton for 17 year old female high school students has been turned over to the military, the "Selective Service" that all 18 year olds must register for only requires males to do comply. Don't think I'm not pissed about that.


Add me to the list of nauseated readers. I wish I could say I'm surprised too but with this administarion, it's getting pretty hard to surprise me any more.


Ahh, memories. I remember my high school senior days, when a certain Sergeant Casey would call my house for what seemed like every week. Imagine a great meeting of the minds -- the seasoned military veteran hoping to persuade a young man of the virtues of fighting for his freedom, and said young man all of 18 years old but not too young to be a mighty choad. After the tenth unsolicited call, I told the recruiter I was gay. Coincidentally, the pestering quickly died down.


I second the invitation to Canada.


All I would need to do is look at the number of children of U.S. Congressmen and Women serving in Iraq. None? One? Sorry folks, if it's not good for your kids it's not good for mine.


Jessalogic sent me here. Very scary stuff- how outrageous.


un-fucking-real. i'm pissed beyong healthy proportions. sick.


shoulda previewed. that's pissed BEYOND healthy proportions. and i'm still pissed. damn.

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