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October 25, 2006



Now THAT'S a little more like it! Now I might attually dare to show you MY clutter! :-)

Your house looks very friendly and inviting.


Ah, the mark of a great blog is its authenticity.

I'll send photos--don't give up on me yet!


Me too! I will send you pictures. I would have done it already, but I have been behind on the reading.

I'm a participator!


This is lovely. Your house looks so warm and comfortable.


atta guuuurrrrrrrl
I can identify with this!

your house looks absolutely wonderful - seriously. The wonderful comes from the life within and that is all that really matters!


Your house is very pretty. As always, love that fireplace.

And clutter will be the death of us all!


I've always loved the glimpses of your house. Previous commenters are right - it looks so cozy.


I promise I will send photos but I haven't been home in daylight for a few days except for yesterday when it was tipping down with rain and I'm a wuss so I wimped out... If not before then definitely at the weekend!


Ahh, I love door pictures. Excecpt for my own. It is so unremarkable and subdivisional that it pains me to go in and out of it. Which is why we don't leave the house through it. We just use the windows, like C-section kids (blatantly stolen from Steven Wright).


I think the whole dang thing looks cozy! I can't wait til I have some clutter. Ever since I put the house on the market, everything feels so sterile. Bleh.


Did I hear someone out there in NEED of clutter? Man, I am going to post a sign in my front yard like those ones that say "Fill Dirt - you haul for free". Mine will say:

Think I'll have any lookers?


OH! I'll play too! I missed reading yesterday so I'm a little behind. Standby for my door!


I'm drowning in vomit. My husband and daughter have a stomach flu. I will try and send pics tomorrow. You have a lovely home.


1.) I'm thrilled to see your clutter, and I never thought I'd have reason to say that to anyone.

2.) Your. house. is. awesome.


I've done as you requested. I think.



Your house is beautiful. And what I wouldn't give for a mud room! Here in L.A. there is no such thing (I don't think. Or I've been gypped.)

And what it is with things near the front door that become invisible and stay in the same place forever? Right now there's a water bottle there that seems like it's been in the same place for years. I keep meaning to take a sip to check out it's freshness, but now I think it's got a green tinge to it...


Since my house is always utterly pristine, I can't relate at all to this nasty clutter.

Seriously? I love you a little more now that I know you accept (without necessarily encouraging or condoning) a lil mess in your life. I've always felt that life was too short and dustbunnies too plentiful to spend time chasing them.


Ah, Wordgirl... that's not a mess. It's "Comfort Clutter." Or as a friend of mine used to say, what gives a house a "lived in" look.

I love the coziness of your home. And I especially like the loo roll on top of the piano. That's just begging for a caption. ;-)

Mommy off the Record

Your house is great - clutter and all. I even think I like the door to your mud room better than your front door. It looks like it has a history - like lots of people have come and gone from that door, like it could tell stories.


I was going to post a door picture today, honestly, but the car thing happened so I didn't. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow....


I love the identical twins thing and the roll of toilet paper.

The day my house is perfect, please kill me. I would hope that I am always too busy and having too much fun to have a perfect house.


Ha! Ortizzle said 'loo roll.' Now I will never think of Lou Rawls in the same way...


I love your home, it is so homey and enviting and artistic and beautiful -I'm not one for pristine cleanliness in a house, I want it to be lived in- and yours? it is my dream house. tfs.


I love seeing glimpses of other people homes. It makes them seem more real to me. I might just have to do this on my own blog.


It's not that I don't love you. It's that I CANNOT GET YOUR BLOG TO FEED!!! I have been reading in bloglines and you are never there and I forget...sniff...

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