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October 24, 2006



Hey, that's a cool idea! I can show you my boring ol' front door, but living in an NYC apartment, if I open it, you pretty much see my entire place.


That IS a great idea--but right now, as my house is under construction you can't see much. And the apartment where we are living? Not very exciting.


Mine will be so embarassing. But I'll do it.


I love this stuff. All of us are voyeurs, no?


OK "June"
How much time did you spend tidying up before these pictures? Do tell.....


I'll take one at naptime and send it! Cool idea.

Mommy off the Record

Great idea. Love your door. It looks like the entrance to a cozy home.


I like the way your real entry way matches your blog homepage. Such a warm welcome.

My friend Carla says the reason so many 1950s era homes have wet bars in the basement was because the moms needed it. This led me to consider that June Cleaver wasn't *really* vacuuming, she was just pushing the vacuum around to keep from falling over--it gave her a reason not to walk a straight line.


It looks so inviting! I've always wanted a front porch like that to put pumpkins on. My front door is so... boring. Fortunately it might not be MY front door much longer! :)


Oh your front porch looks wonderful - we just don't have those in England! I'll do mine but it's pretty grim really, just a path up to a door. I'll have to see if I'm home in daylight tonorrow as it's too dark now. Nice idea though. :)

Oh, The Joys

My Dad has spent a life time trying to marry such a fabrication... poor guy.


I love your porch and your entryway. So welcoming and warm, just like you are. :-)

My front door and entryway are pretty boring, but I'll try to do this one too.


I played at my place ... great idea ...


Do you have any idea how much I love your house?

I want to come live with you.


hmmm... we live in a little condo with kind of French windows covered by blinds on the inside. No pumpkin. Yet. But maybe I'll put up a view from the doorway, which would be marginally better!


Great idea. Our front door is really boring though. Maybe I should try and spice it up somehow.


I wish my front entrance were that clean - even for half a day! Sigh. Now that winter's upon us, the front entrance is forever littered with jackets and boots and mitts and... well, now I'm starting to depress myself.


We have the same paint color in our dining room. I'll have to find a pic of our front door for ya.


No one uses my front door except for strangers, so I never answer the front door. I'll take pics of my mudroom door and maybe the popcorn and laundry baskets all over the den.


This isn't my real house, so I can't show it to you. It's not good.

I love the yellow paint in the entryway!


Love the phone stand, phone, color, and van gogh right there. Very nice. :)


Oh argh, I got a different camera and I don't have the right software to go with it, so I can't post anything!


So much character! Ours looks totally boring. But I'm compelled to have John take some pictures of it - great idea.


All looks so cosy. Here's mine. Will seee if brave enough for internal shots later.


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